Desert Fringe-Rush Dreaming



This Jukurrpa belongs to women of the Nakamarra/Napurrurla subsections and Jakamarra/Jupurrurla men.

This Dreaming is associated with a place called Jaralypari, north of Yuendumu.

Lukarrara (desert fringe-rush [Fimbristylis oxystachya & Fimbristylis eremophila]) is grass with an edible seed. The seeds are traditionally ground on a large stone ('ngatinyanu') with a smaller stone ('ngalikirri') to make flour. This flour is mixed with water ('ngapa') to make damper cakes that can be cooked and eaten.

In Warlpiri, traditional painting iconography is used to represent the Jukurrpa, particular sites and other elements.

  • Large concentric circles often represent the site of Jaralypari and also the seed-bearing grass Lukurrara.
  • 'U' shapes can depict the Karnta (women) collecting 'lukarrara.'
  • Straight lines are frequently used to portray seeds that fall to the ground and are collected by women using their 'parrajas' (wooden food carriers) and 'karlangu' (digging sticks).

Artist: Jennifer Napaljarri Lewis


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